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  • Aloe Gel for Premature Greying Hair

    Aloe Gel for Premature Greying Hair

    Hair follicles are tiny sacs lining your skin. These follicles make the hair and color or pigments cells that contain melanin. The white hair color is from the hair follicles losing their pigment cells over time. This is what can cause premature greying of hair. Not everyone is happy when their hair starts to go grey, especially if they are still young. For example, a Caucasian person is considered going prematurely grey if they begin to go grey at 20. If an African American turns grey before 30, then they are considered to be prematurely grey....
  • Remedies to Getting Rid of MASKNE

    Remedies to Getting Rid of MASKNE

    When you wear a mask frequently, it can lead to skin issues called MASKNE. MASKNE  is acne caused by wearing a mask. Before the pandemic, MASKNE was primarily was experienced by only athletics. Still, now anyone who wears a mask can develop it. There are different ways to get rid of MASKNE and different reasons why it forms. Keeping to a regular skincare routine can help with MASKNE as well as other beneficial tips.  What is MASKNE  MASKNE is also known as acne mechanica. It’s caused by friction against your skin and leads to irritation. As...
  • Oily Skin: Causes and Prevention

    Oily Skin: Causes and Prevention

    One of the most challenging skin problems is oily skin. Oily skin has some unique challenges, for example, acne breakouts and a shiny complexion. But with the right products and skincare routine, you can have oily skin prevention. Everyone has some amount of oil in their skin. It’s because under each pore is a sebaceous gland. These glands are called sebum, and they are what cause the natural oils in your skin. The purpose is to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. What Makes Skin Oily? There are various reasons why your skin may be oily....
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