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  • Simple and Affordable Skincare Schedule for Teenagers

    Simple and Affordable Skincare Schedule for Teenagers

    Teenagers skin is different from adults and as a result, have skincare concerns and issues that are different from adult skincare issues. Following a regulard skincare routine is critical for addressing these issues and maintaining a healthy complexation. Why Do Teenagers Need Skincare? If you’re a teenager, you may experience occasional breakouts due to a surge in hormones. Acne is typically characterized by random whiteheads, a black-dotted T zone, and painful cystic pimples. These skincare problems crop up most frequently between the ages of 12 and 24 years old, but tend to be concentrated in the middle and late teens. The...
  • Guide to Finding the Perfect Eye Cream

    Guide to Finding the Perfect Eye Cream

    As you age, it is inevitable that lines can start to form around your eyes, forming "crow’s feet", dark circles, and general sagginess around the eyes. These are some of the first early signs of aging for people with otherwise flawless skin. Men and women are often confused about how to address these signs of aging and what type of eye cream can help address these problems. What Causes Lines Around Eyes? The skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin on your face and some of the thinnest skin on your entire body. It is also quite delicate. With...
  • Remedies to Getting Rid of MASKNE

    Remedies to Getting Rid of MASKNE

    When you wear a mask frequently, it can lead to a skin issue called MASKNE. MASKNE are skin blemishes caused by wearing a mask. Before the pandemic, MASKNE was primarily an issue athletes had to deal with, but few others outside the healthcare profession. Now that we are all wearing masks regularly, it has become a skin issue we all have to deal with. There are different ways to get rid of MASKNE and different reasons why it forms. Cleaning your skin regularly and following a skin care routine are all the more important in the age of MASKNE. What...
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