The Story Behind ALODERMA

Founded in 1999

American Global Health Group, LLC “AGHG”, the parent company of ALODERMA®, was established in 1999 in Seattle, Washington, by Doug Jewett. Doug had a long history of visiting China and had always dreamed of a business venture that could bridge his love of Chinese culture with his affinity for natural products and Aloe. Thus, the concept of an American owned company operating in China creating organic aloe products was conceived.
Doug brought the technical know how and expertise to produce high quality health and beauty products and combined it with his love of Chinese culture and the unique organic properties found in aloe grown in Southern China. In 2000, AGHG established its first Aloe Vera plantation in Southern China with the goal of blending American science and expertise in Aloe with Chinese culture, growing and processing to capture and deliver the natural benefits found in organic Aloe Vera to its customers through organic health and beauty products.

AGHG Remained Committed to its Principles

By staying true to its principles of sustainable organic farming and creating the highest quality aloe products possible, AGHG has developed into one of the world’s largest vertically integrated producers of organically certified pure Aloe Vera and Aloe Vera based products. By owning and controlling the entire process from when aloe plants go in the ground until harvest and then being processed and delivered to consumers, AGHG has been able to guarantees its customers receive the highest quality products.
AGHG produces products under the AloeCure® Nutritional Supplement, ALODERMA® Fresh Aloe Skin Care, and the ALOFAB™ Hair and Body Care brand names.

ALODERMA – Fresh Aloe Skin Care is Born

After initially being focused on just producing organic aloe juice, AGHG expanded into skin care and the ALODERMA brand was launched in 2012 with the goal of creating the highest quality Aloe Vera based skin care products possible using only Fresh Organic Aloe Vera juice straight from our plantations.
By applying AGHG’s patented SATT process to skin care, ALODERMA is able to guarantee the freshest and most bioactive aloe available in skincare on the market. All ALODERMA products are made using at least 65% Fresh Organic Aloe Vera Juice that is processed within 12 Hours of Harvest, is never from concentrate or powder, and has no water added.
A commitment to clean, ecologically, and socially responsible business practices and products made with the finest ingredients has been a hallmark of ALODERMA since inception. Consumers have been receptive in China and ALODERMA is found in stores throughout China, including in over 200 ALODERMA branded stores. We think customers will feel the difference and plan to bring the full line of ALODERMA products to the United States in the near future.