How To Include Aloe Vera In Your Nighttime Beauty Routine


All good skin care regimens include a specific routine before you head to bed. While you’re catching a few  Z’s is the best time to easily get the most out of the products on your skin. Bedtime allows your skincare products the best opportunity to penetrate your skin and get the maximum benefits, which is why the products you use in your nighttime beauty routine are extra important. Before we share some ways to use aloe vera in your nighttime beauty regimen, let’s talk about the benefits of aloe vera on your face overnight.


Create an even skin tone – Chemicals found naturally in aloe vera, primarily aloesin, have been found in studies to reduce the development of pigmentation and may naturally lighten skin. Many people also notice a reduction in dark circles under the eye because aloe vera helps to combat melanin cell production.

Soothe daytime damage – Aloe vera contains hormones, such as gibberellins and auxins, that have natural anti-inflammatory properties. This is one of the reasons aloe vera is commonly used to  help soothe sunburns. It has even been known to help aid in the healing of small wounds and skin abrasions.

Moisturize – The aloe vera plant is made up of 95.5% water! Just as drinking water is important to hydrate your body, so is adding natural moisture back into your skin.

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles – Aloe vera also has over 200 healing phytonutrients that help to improve elasticity in the skin as well as increase the skin cell regeneration process. 

Regulate oil production – If you have the opposite of a dry skin problem, aloe vera remains a top notch ingredient for battling overactive sebaceous glands. When the skin becomes too oily, it’s easy for dirt to get trapped in your pores, leading to outbreaks. Aloe vera’s natural astringent properties help to control sebum production without drying out the skin. 

Brighten skin – Everyone wants to look refreshed in the morning. Aloe vera naturally contains salicylic acid, which is a gentle exfoliant that will remove dead skin cells and leave your skin looking revitalized.


Aloe vera has truly incredible natural ingredients with a ton of benefits to our skin. Due to  its amazing benefits, it can be found in many skin care products. Many people wonder, “Can I apply aloe vera gel overnight?” and we’re here to tell you: YES! And you should! Here is our recommended nighttime beauty regimen and some of our favorite aloe vera-based products.

  1. Cleanse – Start with a fresh face! Some dermatologists will even recommend a double-cleanse.  We highly recommend our line of cleansers, with an ideal fit for all skin types.
  2. Tone – After your face is clean, the next step is to use a toner. Toners work to remove any final traces of dirt or impurities that may be in your pores. Using toner as part of your daily tourinte may also have an impact on the size of your pores and the overall appearance of your skin.  Our 99.8 Fresh Aloe Skin Hydrator is an ideal alternative to toners without all the added chemicals.
  3. Eyes – The skin around the eye is some of the most delicate skin on your body. Due to its fragile nature, it’s also one of the first places people notice their skin begin to look aged (ahem, crow’s feet and under dark eye circles). That said, because the skin is more delicate, the same creams and products you use on the rest of your face may not be a good fit for your eye area. We recommend ALODERMA’s Aloe Brightening Eye Cream which is made up of 87% fresh, organic aloe juice.
  4. Serums – Before you add your final nightly moisturizer you’ll want to apply a treatment serum that’s specific for the needs of your skin. For some, it may be an anti-aging serum; for others, it may be a brightening serum. There are a variety of serums to fit many types of needs. Made with organic aloe juice and hyaluronic acid, ALODERMA  provides a variety of serums to choose from.
  5. Moisturize – End your nighttime skin care regimen with moisture. Adding moisture back to your body is a vital step in having your skin appear radiant. We love ALODERMA’s Vitality Hydrating Lotion, but really any of our lotions and creams are suited for bedtime. Choose the product best suited for your specific skin needs and concerns.

Don’t cheat your face out of a healthy bedtime skin care regimen! Instead, consider including aloe vera-based products. Aloe’s nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes all work together to leave your skin looking and feeling vibrant and revitalized. 


ALODERMA’s skin care products capture the peak bio-activity of aloe vera due to our certified organic aloe growing process combined with our patented process of harvesting, which allows us to process within hours of harvest and deliver customers the highest levels of polysaccharides in the industry. ALODERMA owns organic, Ecocert certified aloe vera plantations and guarantees that chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones, and herbicides are never used. Try our products, feel the natural difference it makes on your skin, and begin your path to amazing beauty.

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