Does it Matter? Dried Aloe vs. Natural Aloe Gel

Dried/Freeze Aloe vs. Natural Aloe Gel

One of the most widely used additives to skin care and long considered an herbal remedy for skin conditions is aloe vera. For millennia Aloe Vera has been known as a topical plant to help soothe and support skin health due to a variety of minor ailments because of its unique bioactive components and its soothing and cooling gel texture. It is commonly used to help support and nourish skin as well as for topical application for minor cuts, small abrasions, and sunburn.

Can Aloe Vera be Used on Your Face?

People are extremely used to putting Aloe Vera on their body, but oddly enough that association frequently breaks down when people think about putting Aloe on their face. The reality is that you can safely apply Aloe Vera externally to nearly all skin surfaces and what is good for the skin on your body is good for your face as well. From moisturizing and nourishing to helping to nourish irritated skin, Aloe is extremely versatile and gentle, making it an ideal part of your facial skin care routine.

What about types of Aloe? There are more than one type of Aloe and over 420 estimated different species. When talking about skin care, most products contain Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller due to the fact that it features unique polysaccharides and acemannan, Aloe's most bioactive compound, at higher levels than any other commercially viable species of Aloe.

When used for conventional application, aloe is typically used as a topical gel. The gel-like substance is made from inside the plant's leaves. However, you can also use the leaves directly. To use directly, you need to remove the outer rind and grind up the inner filet of aloe to create a gel.  However, be careful, as Aloe Gel that is not processed to remove aloin, the protective layer of latex in the outer rind of aloe gel, can stain clothes and also can be an irritant.

What About Frozen or Freeze-Dried Aloe?

If you freeze aloe gel, you do need to take thawing time into account before use. However, the cold application on your skin can feel nice if your skin is sunburned and/or dried out and sensitive. If your skin feels irritated, the cold can help reduce swelling and remove redness. In addition, it helps your blood circulate, which helps reduce the swelling on your face.

Freeze-dried aloe vera can be reconstituted with water in order to re-activate some of the same raw constituencies within Aloe Vera.  However, from a bioactivity standpoint, once aloe has been freeze dried, the total botanical value of the plant remains, however some break down of bioactivity will occur.

Why Should You Use Fresh Aloe Gel?

When you apply fresh aloe gel directly to your face, it can help nourish, moisturize, and protect your skin while also serving to soothe ailments and stimulate the release and production of collagen. There are many benefits to using Aloe on your face, such as its ability to soothe and calm irritated and red skin. In addition, it can help to support and soothe burns, scrapes, and cuts.

Aloe vera has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Plus, it has a cooling and soothing effect on sunburns and rashes. It can help to reduce the appearance of scarring and support the natural healing process.

Aloe contains ~99% water, which aids in its ability to moisturize and hydrate your skin. In addition, Aloe is loaded with antioxidants that can help your skin combat signs of premature aging and sun damage.

The Production of ALODERMA Products

ALODERMA is unique from other skin care companies in that it is entirely vertically integrated.  What does that mean? It means that ALODERMA products are truly farm-to-skin.  By owning and operating its own ECOCERT certified Organic Aloe Vera plantations, ALODERMA is able to ensure the highest quality ingredients go into its products.  All ALODERMA products contain at least 65% Pure Aloe Vera and all of ALODERMA's products are created within 12 Hours of Harvest to ensure the freshest and most bioactive Aloe Vera is incorporated in every product to capture the true power of Aloe Vera.

ALODERMA products are never made from concentrate or powder, only from at least 65% fresh organic aloe vera juice. Water is never added and all products are free of Growth Hormones, Parabens, SD Alcohol, Mineral Oil, and Artificial Coloring.

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