Should Skin Toners Be Used Every Day?

Should Skin Toners be Used Every Day?

Toner is one of the least-well understood products in any skin care routine. One of the most frequent questions we receive is should skin toners be used every day? As with most things, it depends.... In general, skin care experts agree it should be integrated into your morning and nighttime skincare routine for most people. Of course, that is subject to your skin type, the ingredients in the toner, and your skin concerns.

Why Should Toner Be Used?

There a several reasons why it is important to incorporate a toner into your daily routine. Toner refers to a variety of products that serve different purposes for your skin. Some types of toners remove makeup, some exfoliate, and some even skin tone. Some toners even do a combination of everything.  Needless to say, this can create some confusion.

To make matters worse, depending on when you were first exposed to toners, their primary purpose and composition has changed over time. In the 1990s and early 2000s, harsh alcohol-based solutions were the primary basis of toners on the market. These alcohol-based solutions were tough on skin and prone to causing drying and irritation that wasn't suited for many skin types. However, in the last 20 years, formulations have changed substantially and many toners on the market now are substantially gentler and are targeted for the various skin types.

In summary, toners are now designed for nearly every skin type and should be utilized as a valuable and helpful tool to be used in your beauty regimen. You just need to find the correct formula for your skin type.

For example, ALODERMA's Aloe Vitality Hydrating Toner is made from aloe infused with hyaluronic acid and essential hydrating botanical nutrients. The botanicals enhance the toners’ ability to promote absorption and capture moisture while still refining your pores. The moisture-binding components are designed to leave your skin feeling hydrated with a natural hydrated tone.

When Should Toner Be Used?

You need to apply toner right after cleansing your face. A good thing to remember is that skincare products need to be applied from the lightest to the heaviest. The only exception is when you use SPF, which is applied last. Toner is meant to be applied immediately after you cleanse your face when your pores are cleaned out and open. It should always be used before the oils, moisturizers, and serums.

For sensitive skin, a gentle toner, such as the Aloe Soothing & Moisturizing Toner by ALODERMA can prepare your skin for the day with soothing nutrients that help restore your protective lipid barrier. This toner is suitable for daily use and will also reduce the appearance of inflammation and redness while helping to restore a natural healthy glow to your skin.

If your toner has harsher active ingredients, like AHAs or BHAs, then it should only be used a couple times a week. Be sure to read the directions for the detailed instructions on how often to apply and when to stop using.

How to Use Toner

The best way to apply toner to your skin is by using a cotton ball or cotton pad. You soak the ball or pad with the toner and gently wipe around your face area. Wipe from your T-zone outward. Always start with a small amount and then add more if needed. Just a little can go a long way.

Read the product's directions for the best way to apply the toner according to your skin type. For example, if you have overly sensitive skin or the toner is strong, you can soak the cotton balls or pad in water first. Then apply a tiny bit of toner to dilute the solution.

Choosing a Correct Toner for Your Skin Type

The most important thing to remember is to choose an alcohol-free toner for your face. Other ingredients in the product should be picked based on the type of skin you have.

If you have acne-prone skin, you may want to consider a toner with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). It will leave you with clean skin, however you need to be careful to not irritate your skin with these types of products. If it tingles gently for a few seconds, then it has the right level of pH that is gently acidic. This type of acid is gentle even if your skin is sensitive. An alternative to a pure toner for acne-prone and oily skin is  Pure Aloe Vera Gel + Tea Tree Oil, which combines aloe's unique ability to refine skin tone with Tea Tree Oil's refreshing scent and antibacterial properties.

Ingredients in a toner for normal to combination skin could include hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, glycerin, and vitamin C. Aloe Brightening Skin Toner exfoliates, firms, and rejuvenates while also evening skin tone. It combines hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and amino acids to keep your skin looking hydrated and bright.

Another ALODERMA product designed to help slow the appearance of aging, is the Aloe Rejuvenating Skin Toner, which is formulate to increase your skin's elasticity while leaving your skin nourished and hydrated. In addition, it helps to lock in moisture and protect against the effects of aging skin.

Whatever your skin type and ultimate goal for your toners, ALODERMA has a solution for your skin to capture the true power of Fresh Aloe Skin Care and give your skin a healthy, natural glow.