Oily Skin: Causes and Prevention


One of the most challenging skin problems is oily skin. Oily skin has some unique challenges, for example, acne breakouts and a shiny complexion. But with the right products and skincare routine, you can have oily skin prevention.

Everyone has some amount of oil in their skin. It’s because under each pore is a sebaceous gland. These glands are called sebum, and they are what cause the natural oils in your skin. The purpose is to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

What Makes Skin Oily?

There are various reasons why your skin may be oily. One could be genetics because oily skin can run in families. For example, you may have an overactive sebaceous gland if one of your parents does. Another reason is your age because you will produce less sebum as you become older. So one benefit of having oily skin is that you may not show your age as other people with dry or normal skin do.

Where you live and the time of the year can also affect your skin. In a hot, dry climate, people tend to have oilier skin. If you live in a seasonal environment, then you're probably will have more oil showing on your skin in the summer heat than you would in the spring or fall.

While it’s doubtful you’d move because of the climate on your oily skin, you can have a routine for oily skin prevention. Aloe Vitality Hydrating Toner and Aloe Oil Controlling Mask are both excellent at helping with oil control.

You may also have enlarged pores that stretch as you become older, previous breakouts, and even weight fluctuations. The larger the pore, the more oil it produces. You can’t shrink your pores, but you can blot your face where the oil is showing up.

Believe it or not, using the wrong skin products for oily skin prevention can cause more issues. If you think you have oily skin and have combination skin instead, you might use heavy cream. However, the rich cream could cause even more oiliness. Aloe Vitality Hydrating Cream, for example, is for all types of skin, including oily.

On the other hand, if you exfoliate or wash your face too much, that can increase your skin's oiliness. If you do this too often, then too much oil is removed from your skin. Then your sebaceous glands go into overdrive to make up for the loss. Aloe Vitality Hydrating Cleanser is gentle on your skin and won’t cause your skin to become oilier.

Not using a moisturizer can actually dry your skin out. The key is to discover a moisturizer that is best for your skin. So instead of not using a just any moisturizer, try Aloe Soothing & Moisturizing Essence. This product for oily skin prevention will soothe, moisturize, and nurture your skin.

How to Protect Your Skin

There are ways to protect your skin from damage. Drinking lots of water will keep your skin healthy. If your body lacks the water it needs, then your skin could produce more oil. Plus, avoid going out into direct sunlight and wear sunscreen before going outside.

Always pat your face instead of rubbing it dry, and clean your makeup tools regularly.

What Skin Care Routine to Follow for Oily Skin

When you have a regular skincare routine, it can help with oily skin prevention. The first step is to cleanse your skin in the morning and in the evening. Aloe Brightening Facial Cleanser by ALODERMA will do the job and will restore uneven skin tones and smooth fine lines.

Use a toner once your skin is free of dirt, oil, and makeup, such as Aloe Brightening Skin Toner. If you’re prone to acne, the next step is to treat your skin to help curb oil production. Aloe Oil Controlling Mask helps to control excess oil output on your skin.

Finally, be sure to use a moisturizer before putting on your foundation. Aloe Soothing & Moisturizing Cream,  Aloe Vitality Hydrating Cream, or Pure Aloe Vera Gel 200g are suitable for hydrating and moisturizing your skin.

Taking excellent care of your skin is the first step to oily skin prevention. ALDOERMA products can help with that.

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