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Ultimate Aloe Rejuvenating Set

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The Ultimate Aloe Rejuvenating Set was designed for those looking to restore and rejuvenate their skin with a complete set that takes the guessing out of restoring our...
The The Ultimate Aloe Rejuvenating Set was designed for those looking to combat the long-term impacts of sun exposure, environmental irritants, and aging take their toll on our skin. This is a full skin care set that is designed to help restore our youthful appearance. This luxurious set provides all of the essentials required to help combat the signs of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. Experience the natural power of Aloe Vera with this essential Fresh Aloe Skin Care set. This is a luxurious treat and is a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special that could benefit from Fresh Aloe Skin Care. Included you will find:
  • Aloe Nourishing Cleanser
  • Aloe Nourishing & Firming Mask
  • Aloe Rejuvenating Skin Toner
  • Aloe Firming & Rejuvenating Serum
  • Aloe Nourishing & Rejuvenating Moisturizer
  • Aloe Firming & Rejuvenating Cream
  • Aloe Brightening Eye Cream
  • 1. Cleanser
    Always start with clean skin to remove any oils or environmental debris that may accumulated. If you tend to have larger pores, take your time and make sure you thoroughly cleanse. Squeeze a nickel to quarter size amount onto wet hands and work into a lather. Massage onto dampened face and neck. Concentrate on any areas of excessive dryness, roughness, or impurities. Rinse with warm water. Use twice daily, morning and night.

  • 2. Toner
    Toners help to shrink pores and restore your skin’s pH balance. After cleansing, apply 5-6 drops to a fresh cotton pad. Smooth over entire face and neck region, concentrating on areas of excessive dryness and impurities. Do not rinse off. Use twice daily, morning and night. Allow your toner to dry before moving on to Step Three. 

  • 3. Serum
    Ditch the cotton pad and gently apply serum to your face and neck areas using your finger tips. Serums have more concentrated ingredients aimed at whatever your skin concern may be. After cleansing and toning, apply over face and neck. Gently massage or pat until absorbed. 

  • 4. Lotion
    The cornerstone of every skin ritual, lotions revitalize dry and dull skin and restore its youthful appearance. Working against gravity’s force, always use upward, gentle strokes when applying your moisturizer. Gently massage until absorbed. Use twice daily, morning and night or alternatively for extra hydration, when the weather turns dry and cold, or just before bed, move onto the next step.

  • 5. Cream
    For dry skin and support when the humidity starts to drop, add a cream to your ritual.  ALODERMA creams offer deep moisturizing without feeling overly heavy or greasy on the skin. Apply over face and neck in light, circular strokes. Gently massage until absorbed. Use twice daily, morning and night.

  • 6. Eye Cream
    Apply evenly to eye area. Gently massage until absorbed concentrating on areas of visible aging. Use twice daily, morning and night for best results.

  • 7. Mask
    Masks should be considered a normal part of your skin care routine and are a focal part of our skin care series in our stores in Asia.  Masks aren't just a once a month item, but rather a part of your weekly or even daily routine when you are looking for the kind of deep rejuvenation you can only get through a sheet mask.
  • a. After cleansing your face, open the packaging and take out the mask.
    b. Spread the mask on your face, then peel off the blue layer and lightly press the mask onto your face.
    c. Relax while natural botanical nutrients absorb into skin. Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes. For normal skin, there is no need to rinse after removing the mask. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to rinse with clean water after use.
    d. For first time user, use one mask per day for five days for best results. Then use one mask every three days to keep skin moisturized and radiant.
    Ultimate Aloe Rejuvenating Set
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